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      Frequently Asked Questions

      What makes our stitch markers better?

      Our knitting stitch markers are made with jewelry-quality materials, they glide smoothly along your knitting needles, and they NEVER snag on the yarns.

      Yarns tend to catch on any pointy or sharp pieces. When stitch markers aren’t made snag free, your precious yarn will snag, loop or fuzz. We take the extra time and effort to ensure there are no points to catch the yarn.

      We have beaded markers that hang out of the way of the stitches on the needles, ring markers with enamel metal charms and locking stitch markers that clip directly to the yarn.

      Each stitch marker set is shipped in a decorative tin so the glass and crystal beads are protected.

      This handy little case also helps you not lose your stitch markers, and is very handy for tossing in your project bag to use when travelling. 

      What are they made of?

      Our quality materials include the following:

      • Handmade Millefiori canework glass
      • Austrian crystals
      • Silver-plated beads
      • Tibetan silver alloy beads (lead-free)
      • Polymer clay beads
      • Aurora Borealis (AB) and iris-coated Czech glass beads
      • Enamel and antiqued Tibetan silver alloy charms
      • Fine nylon-coated beading wire

      The crochet locking stitch markers are made with silver-plated French lever back clasps to clip onto the yarns as progress keepers and row counters.

      How do I find my shipping fee?

      Read our Shipping Policies.

      Can I return my item?

      For Returns, Refunds and Exchanges please read our Policies.