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      How to wash garments knitted or crocheted with non-Superwash wool or alpaca.




      Wet finishing a hand woven infinity scarf by Pretty Warm DesignsWashing wool yarns helps them nestle together and slightly tighten up to create a finished cloth. It also helps to shed excess dye from hand dyed yarns, and gently cleans and freshens the wool garment. It's very important when washing pure wool, not to agitate it or shock it with extreme changes of water temperature.

      Fill a sink with cool water and add half a cap full of Scentless Soak, an environmentally responsible gentle plant-based soap designed specially for fine yarns and garments.

      Push all parts of the garment down into the water and allow to soak for 15-20 minutes. The water is drained out of the sink, and excess water is carefully squeezed out of the garment without any twisting. Roll in a towel and push down on it to blot out excess water. Lay flat to dry on a towel or foam mat, gently pushing it into its proper shape.

      This is a link to Soak School, which illustrates many different kinds of fine garments and how to wash them properly.

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